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"I believe experience and honesty are the key issues when choosing a Computer IT/Consultant for your Business or for Individual needs.  You deserve someone who is not only experienced and trustworthy, but dedicated to serving you and has your best interest in mind... This is what I promise today and will continue providing each and every client.  If I do not immediately know the answer to your needs, or cannot directly solve your problem onsite or online, I will find the answer from the many reliable sources I have established over the years."
Why should you Backup your data?
Remember, computers are complicated electrical equipment made by man.  They are not perfect nor will they ever be.  They will stop working and the key to remember is 'you never know when they will fail'.  So backing up/making a copy of your important data/information including your e-mail is extremely important. In fact, IT and System Admin's are taught that 'backup' is the most important focus. All computer users including IT's and System Admin's should focus on backup's regularly.

Now I'm a very realistic and positive minded person, and in reality we need to think about the worst case scenario for a moment... You have been using your computer/network for weeks, months or years and you have not backed up/made a copy of your data to any other source.  Your data may include Accounting information, letters, e-mails, contacts, spreadsheets, pictures or music and one day in the blink of an eye your computer/network totally stops working, your hard drive(s) have crashed (stopped working) and the data is unrecoverable from your hard drives. Or you've accidentally deleted some work; you have experienced a fire, flood, or other disaster, your computer(s) were stolen, your kids destroyed your computer (had to throw that in), or some type of 'virus' or infection has destroyed your data. How would you feel or what would you do?  Does it really matter?  If so, Cohaba Systems is your best choice for reliable, economically feesable, and secure online backup.  I provide this service for my clients at reasonable cost.  Truly, do you make time to backup and save you important data?  Let me take away that concern.  Drop me an email if you'd like to know more.

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